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Looking beautiful is good business. However, it takes time and effort, from styling your hair, to wearing the right makeup, to putting on a fitting outfit. Here are some tips on what to do to radiate that glamor;


  • Face and Skin Care

In order to make your skin look its best, you should wash your face with lukewarm water at least twice daily, preferably in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before you sleep. Hot water is detrimental to your skin because it causes the skin to dry up.

Avoid using regular soaps, instead apply a face cleanser gently in circular motions. When choosing face cleansers, know your skin type and choose a face cleanser made for that particular type of skin. Do not scrub your skin, because it results in damage. When you are done washing your face, wash it with cold water to reduce skin pores and tighten them.

When you use makeup, make sure you remove it from your face before going to bed because leaving it allows pimple and clogged pores to develop on your face. After washing your face, you can use face toners and moisturisers. The face toners seal the pores on the skin, while the moisturiser makes your skin soft and smooth.

If you really want to pamper your skin, you might also want to consider visiting a dermatologist. Whether you’re looking for a laser treatment (learn more), hair removal or a facial peel, there are a variety of ways to help you look and feel your absolute best.


  • Caring for your hair

Wash your hair every other day, or every three days, rather than daily because daily washing of your hair results in the loss of the natural oils in the hair. Your hair then becomes brittle and dry, leading to breakage. The only exception is if you exercise a lot and have fine, oily hair. In that case, you can wash your hair on a daily basis with a conditioner and gentle shampoo.

When washing your hair, apply the shampoo on your scalp, and top to middle part of your hair. Avoid scratching the hair with your nails. When you apply conditioners, after rinsing out the shampoo, apply them on the ends of your hair.

Brush your hair properly by working it in sections, rather than in one straight sweep. Only when the entire hair is smooth should you run the brush from the root to the tip.

As much as possible, limit the number of times you heat-style your hair. When you heat-style your hair, use the best curling irons in the beauty department and get a good heat protectant. The heat protectant serves the function of protecting your hair from getting burnt or looking dry.

Hair products that contain sulfates and silicones make your hair appear smooth and shiny but usually results in dull, lank hair with time.


  • What you eat and drink

Drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday helps remove impurities in your skin. Staying hydrated helps make your skin glow.

Endeavor to include vegetables and fruits in your diet because fresh fruits and vegetables rid the skin of toxins, revealing a healthy skin.

Vitamin and vitamin supplements are also valuable to proper skin functioning. They aid the production of collagen in the body which helps maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Tips For Your Malaysian Unprocessed Virgin Hair Last Long?

If you’ve ever had the displeasure to buy an expensive weave, wig or other hair piece, only for it to last a short time, you’ve probably wondered: is there anything I can do to make my unprocessed virgin hair last longer? And the answer is simple: yes! There are many ways you can make your unprocessed virgin hair, whether its Malaysian hair or from another source, last as long as possible. The following are 5 tips to help your unprocessed virgin hair last longer.

Tip #1: Always detangle your hair before wearing, washing, or bedtime. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is skimping on the detangling. You must always detangle your Malaysian hair before you wear it, before you wash it, and–if you wear your hair to bed–before you go to sleep. Leaving your hair tangled before you wear it or before you go to bed can result in matting and knotting, which can not only be nearly impossible to get out, but damages the fibers and shortens the overall life of your hair. And if you don’t detangle your hair before you wash it, you may get even more serious matting which can result in shedding. While it may be a pain to always take the time to detangle, the benefit of longer unprocessed virgin hair life is more than worth it.

Tip #2: Use moisturizing conditioner meant for human hair. Unprocessed virgin hair needs to be moisturized to keep it looking healthy for as long as possible. Without moisturizer, human hair–regardless of how its being used–will begin to look dry and become brittle, which makes it prone to breakage. You should use a quality moisturizing conditioner in your Malaysian hair on a regular basis to ensure it lasts longer.

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With regards to buying Russian hair extensions, there are many factors you’ll need to consider from the kind of extensions you need to buy to how much money you need to spend. Would you like synthetic or natural extensions? Will you put on them for any once off occasion or are you currently searching for an extended term solution? Questions you will wish to think about with regards to selecting the best extensions that meet your specific needs and budget now and continuing to move forward.

Start looking at what you would like to attain using hair extensions. Are you currently searching to improve the level of your natural hair? Would you like to improve the size of your hair? Are you currently searching to elongate hair for the event? Are you currently searching for the way to enhance your hairs natural appearance although it grows out? There’s grounds you’ve made the decision to purchase extensions, getting a concept on what you would like to attain can help you determine the best length and kind of extensions to purchase, making certain you accomplish the outcomes you’re wishing for and reducing the chance of disappointment continuing to move forward.

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Haine cu pisici de pe

Am găsit multe haine cu pisici pe și m-am gândit să le împărtășesc cu voi, în caz că sunteți pasionate ca mine.

Eu când vreau să comand de pe un site, mai întâi dau search – cat sau – pisică, depinde în ce limbă este, și abia după caut articolul vestimentar de care am nevoie.

Ce am găsit interesant pe Banggood?

 Casual Women Black Pocket Hooded Cat Sweatshirts

Un hanorac util, lejer și comic în același timp.

Am găsit o serie de pulovere/ hanorace, tare simpatice:

Casual Women Turn-down Collar Cat Sweatshirts

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Cadouri pentru ea de Valentine’s Day

Peste o lună va fi Valentine’s Day! Eu nu sărbătoresc în mod special această zi, care nu este una românească, dar orice ocazie de a primi cadouri este bine venită.

Ce cadouri mi-ar plăcea să primesc?

Best valentine gift 2018?

Creative Home Decoration Heart Balloon Design LED Night Light – Light Yellow

O astfel de lampă decor mi se pare perfectă pentru orice casă, mai ales una de îndrăgostiți.

În secțiunea rosegal valentines gifts găsiți multe cadouri cu tematică de iubire, printre care și acest dispozitiv de încălzire a mâinilor, perfect pentru această iarnă:

3500mAh Love Heart Shape Hand Warmer USB Mobile Power – Pink

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Ce cumparaturi mai facem de Craciun?

Chiar dacă Moș Crăciun a fost pe la noi și vremea cadourilor nu mai este, nu înseamnă că sesiunea de shopping s-a terminat!

Multe site-uri încă au reduceri cu ocazia Crăciunului și ne putem face singuri câte un cadou… două, treci.

Christmas deals 2017 ! Pe RoseGal sunt reduceri de până la 75% la toate produsele, nu doar la cele cu tematică de Sărbători. Coletele ajung greu, așa că ne putem cumpăra chiar de pe acum hainuțe noi pentru sezonul de primăvară- toamnă.

Christmas 2017 Rosegal este categoria unde găsiți toate reducerile posibile.

Am găsit câteva produse interesante, pe care mi le-aș dori:

Cat Holder Pouch Pocket Hoodie 

Hanoracul acesta e genial! Pisicile mele nu stau atât de cuminți încât să stea în buzunarul special pentru ele, dar mi l-aș dori chiar și așa, doar pentru aspectul pisicesc!

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Pe Dresslily, în această perioadă, găsim multe reduceri de Crăciun.

Mie-mi plac tare hainele de iarnă, în special cele cu tematică de Sărbători. Chiar mai înainte mă gândeam c-am multe pulovere cu reni, oameni de zăpădă, Moș Crăciun, etc și încă nu am purtat niciunul.

Nu-i nimic, tot îmi mai doresc!

Vă asigur că oricărei fete i-ar plăcea să primească sub brad un obiect vestimentar. Noi niciodată nu o să avem destule haine.

Ce mi-ar plăcea mie să primesc?

Skew Neck Santa Claus Snowflake Pullover Christmas Sweatshirt

Este un pulover colorat, vesel, perfect pentru fi purtat la masa în familie de pe 25 Decembrie.

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its of jewellery made from stainless have a beautiful silvery finish that’s resistant against tarnish. It has built them into a well known fashion jewellery choice among lots of people around the globe. The steel accustomed to make rose gold morganite engagement rings includes a non-reactive surface and it is hypo-allergenic that makes it a great option for making high-quality body jewellery. Being resistant against surface scratching implies that the bits of jewellery made from these components will retain their attractive brushed finish for over other materials.

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Made from natural hair harvested in the heads of ladies, virgin hair extensions are as organic as the own. If attached correctly, natural extensions would look the same as your natural hair. Among the sure benefits of the lengthy locks are that you’ve a much more tresses to experience with shiny Brazilian hair could be customized into various styles which will certainly turn mens heads.

Seem like Zooey Deschanel with bangs in your brow. Though most extensions should spread lower the rear of your mind, a great stylist can invest the extra hair to get affordable use by providing a cute side of hair to border the face additional styling can make it look better still.

Layering hair provides you with a superbly sophisticated look. Hairstylists can make it by styling hair one layer at any given time hair goods are applied to help make the hair shine while it’s still wet. Next, your hair is dried departing a little bit of moisture. Parts of hair will be finished by brushing and curling them. Minimal flat-ironing is performed to flatten your hair.

Another sophisticated virgin hair do that’s possible with lengthy locks are braiding. This can also be done by yourself in your own home. First, brush lower your lengthy hair straight. Next, divide your mane into three sections. Finally, start wrapping the best section within the middle, then wrapping the left one. Continue until hair is fully braided and tie everything served by a hair tie.

They are a only a couple of hairstyles you will get with lengthy hair supplied by extensions. Acquire some how to enjoy your gorgeous locks.

Pe Banggood găsim multe bijuterii și accesorii tematice de Halloween, la prețuri foarte bune. Mai avem foarte puțin timp ca să ne pregătim!

Halloween Party Hairpin Bats Pumpkin Skull Headdress Hair Accessories Holiday Gift for Kid

Deși cică sunt clamițe pentru copii, cea cu pisică îmi place foarte mult, iar celelalte sunt numai bune de party!

În ultima vreme mi s-a pus pata pe inelele negre. Dorința mi-a fost îndeplinită și am primit unul gothic de la iubitul meu, dar ar mai merge unul. Mai ales daca e plin de skulls și fosforescent!

Punk Skull Luminous Ring Titanium Steel Finger Ring Retro 

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