Zi: 6 august 2015

Style dresses from EricDress

Soon, summer will be over, but this doesn’t mean we’ll stop wearing dresses! Sweater dresses will always be in trend!

On www.ericdress.com you can find many cheap sweater dresses, style dresses:  www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-sweater-dresses-102049. My favorites are:

Casual Strips Long Sleeves Dresses 6Colors


This beautiful dress is available on six colors: yellow, pink, orange, red, rose and white. I like this one: with black and yellow, like a bee print. The cheap sweater is now 29.39$.

Little party dresses need to be in style even in autumn. My favorite dress is this one:

Ericdress Green Stand Collar Plain Maxi Dress


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